Friday, June 8, 2012


Coordinator of Communication: Fr Kasmir Nema, SVD (
Vice : Fr Kampi Tagul, SVD

Dear Visitors,

I would like to warmly welcome all of you to this blog. This is an official blog of the SVD Regio of Timor Leste. I hope that you will enjoy with what we provide on this entire blog.

The heart of communication. “Communication at its most profound level is the giving of self in love and consequently a basic attitude necessary for us Divine Word Missionaries. Strengthened by this Word we work toward that final unity where God will be all in all” (see 1Co 15:28; c

Our Founder had a vision of a missionary presence that made use of all means of communication for an effective missionary proclamation (Nuntius XII, p. 231; p. 674). He once stated, “The pastor of souls must use every means which the signs of the times dictate” (ibid., p. 233). Therefore, confreres should consider communication a characteristic dimension of their life and work, seek to improve their personal communication skills, and make use, by themselves or through the laity, of all kinds of media at hand: posters, magazines, theater, dance, folk songs, local radio and so on.

1.2 In all our communications ministries, we will bear in mind that “in the Christian Faith, the unity and brotherhood of man are the chief aims of all communication and these find their source and model in the central mystery of the eternal communion between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who live a single divine life” (Communio et Progressio #8).

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