Thursday, September 17, 2015


One part of the events which were held due to the celebration of SVD-SSpS’ 40 Years of Mission in Timor Leste is a youth event called JOVEM VERBITA.
Jovem Verbita was held on 20-23 August 2015, at the Colegio Do Verbo Divino (CVD) Palaka. The participants were representatives of those parishes where SVD is working, namely Parishes Uatucarbau, Uatulari, Hera, ICR, Atabae, Balibo, St. Arnoldus Janssen’s Choir in Maliana, youth group from Palaka Station, and the host Colegio do verbo Divino. In total, there were 600 participants.
The event Jovem Verbita was formally opened by SVD Regional Leader, Fr. Gabriel Suban Koten, SVD, on the evening of Friday, 20 August 2015.
Jovem Verbita was divided into two categories: sports competition and conference. There were a futsal championship for male participants, and a volley ball championship for female participants.
In addition, there was also a vocal group competition in which each group presented one compulsory song and another song of their own choice. In order to improve their knowledge of the Scripture, the committee also organised some Biblical competitions, namely a Scripture Reading and Bible Quiz.
To provide more knowledge for the youth, the committee organised a conference about several topics which are related to the lives of the young people. All parts of the program went successfully and were fully participated.
Jovem Verbita was concluded by a Celebration of the Eucharist on Sunday, 23 August 2015, led by Fr. Regional. Other SVD and SSpS were also participating in the Eucharist, along with other people from the Colegio and surrounding area.

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