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Fr Regional gave a talk at the socialiasation

Recent Progress in the Last Six Years
Afram Zone:
The membership has increased each year; missionary commitment has also shown improvement, and new regions are established.
Europe Zone:
The SVD Europe has had new awareness of the new faces of Europe which are emerging. There are three key aspects: 1) new awareness about ‘mission’ in Europe; Mission is not only out of Europe;  2) the face of Europe is changing. We need a new understanding of mission in Europe; 3) Divine Word missionaries who are living and working in Europe are changing. This issue applies not only to SVDs who originated from Europe, but to all confreres.
Panam Zone:
The increasing gap between social classes is the biggest challenge as the impact of economic globalisation.
Aspac Zone:
Aspac zone is the backbone of the congregation, as it produces a big number of missionaries and sends them out to other places. Challenges: the internationality of missions in several countries.

Development at the generalate:
A new Freinademetz Centre in Rome; Da katakombe santa dominika (St. Dominica’s catacomb) is run by SVD. 
Partnership with other institutions:
1. With the Vatican:  Interreligious dialogue with the pontificat counsel, Fr. Markus Solo, Svd.
2. With the assembly of general superiors.
3. With other congregations: via Vivat International.

General Treasurer: 
Financial accountability and self-sufficiency: 
Financial accountability needs to be well organised in a way that is fair and transparent. There are many proposals sent to the generalate which have not met professional standards and are not reasonably proportional. There is a need for training for this matter. The use of finances needs to be seen in the perspective of the vow of poverty and in the Kingdom of God. We are working for the sake of the Congregation. Hence, we are always responsible in the way we are using our finances.

Superior general has written an article regarding self-sufficiency. Efforts to be self-sufficient are not only the leaders’ responsibility, but every member’s. We must be in solidarity with the people wherever we are. 

Steps toward self-sufficiency:
1) Reduce expenses. Many provinces depend on generalate for financial resources, but are not using them appropriately. For example: one of the provinces is employing four staff at the provincial’s office.
2) Make contract with the institutions where we are working.
3) Find local benefactors for supporting the apostolates.
4) Make some investment.
5) Every member must make some contribution to the mission, instead of consuming mission’s resources.
6) Live a simple way of life. 

Financial resources of the congregation:
1.      From provinces which have good investments.
2.      From regular benefactors who give financial support through established institutions within the congregation.
Current problems: global financial crisis has caused the lacking of financial resources. Also, many benefactors have passed away.
Number of provinces which are giving financial contributions: 18 (1994), 40 recipients. In 2011: 19 contributors, 36 recipients.

Challenge on the financial issue
1). Health care and the elderly
The expenses for health care have increased almost in every province/region. Generelate does not provide financial support for the care of the elderly. Thus, every province/region has to find its own way to provide money for elderly confreres.
2). Health: it is better to eat healthy food and do sports regularly, rather than working continuously without taking enough rest.

Working for and Supporting Families
The issue was raised  by the generalate’s treasurer to make a resolution regarding how much money should be given to the families if there is a request from the family of any member of SVD. The matter was not approved by the chapter’s capitulars. 

Financial audit                            
Many SVD confreres do not like to have a financial audit, for the risk of getting intervention from external parties.

Bank Accounts
The opening of bank accounts need a written permission (letter) from provincial/regional.

Regular Financial Reports
Every confrere/community needs to give regular financial reports to the superior. 

Presentation From the Congregational Leader of  SSpS-AP
1.      We have a common spirit with SVD as parts of Arnold’s family.
2.      The involvement of SSpS-AP with SVD is done through prayers.
3.      SSpS-AP is in the process of transformation.
4.      There are challenges in regards to intercultural issues:
     The preconception of cultures
     Ignorance of the other’s culture
     Difficulty in adapting to another culture
     The need to understand Jesus’ way of life that he came with His own culture - which was Jewish - but he remained to be open to the presence of other cultures as well.
     Understanding of the mystery of incarnation in order to comprehend the rootedness of and the openness towards other cultures. (Kasmir Nema, SVD)

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