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Presentation From the Congregational Leader of  SSpS
Fr Alan presented  the material at the socialisation
1. Mission is not only a task of one or two persons but of working together with many people.
2. As brothers and sisters, we should continue to work together in doing mission in the future.
3. Defending the role of women in the Church and in the public life of the society is one of the core missions which are seriously taken by SSpS.
4. SSpS is working with women who are living under oppression.
5. Commitment to work for the victims of and others who are affected by HIV/AIDS. It is important for us that we work without money but with God’s providence. We begin our work with compassion, because they also have capabilities to participate in doing mission.

Lay Representatives
           AFRAM-Ghana: Mrs Helen Koryo Dzikunu
    There is a centre called: FOS friends of SVD, which main programme is to pray for SVDs. They are also working together with SVD.
     The aim of the centre is to provide support for SVD’s missionary work.
     The majority of the members are women. 
ASPAC: Mr Tyrone R. Cimafranca - PHC
     They formed a group called: the XVD Association,
     Their activities are: fundraising to support SVD’s projects, and praying the rosary regularly.
     The perpetual Rosary Movement (PRM)
     The Lay society 
 PANAM: Mr Arturo Meneses – Mexico
     They formed a group called: Missionary Auxiliaries do Verbo Divino, which is a group based on theology.
         EUROPE: Sr. Markus Woettki - German
     They formed a group called GRUP: maz; Missionar in auf zeit.
     The motto of the group is: living with others – praying with others – working with others.

Pope’s visitation
The visitation was supposed to take place at the Vatican, but it took place in Nemi instead. Fr Superior General gave a copy of the general chapter’s materials to the Holy Father.

The Election of Superior General
The election process began with the superior general’s presentation about the criteria to be a superior general. Also, Fr Barlage shared his experience as the previous superior general. Thus, a free day was given to the capitulars prior to voting. After the election of the superior general, the council members were elected. Hence, the composition of the new generalate council is:
Superior General: P. Heinz Kuluke,SVD
Vice: Fr Robert Kisala, SVD
1.      Br. Guy Mazola, SVD
2.      Fr. Gregory Pinto, SVD
3.      Fr. Paulus Budi Kleden, SVD
4.      Fr. Arlindo Dias, SVD
5.      Fr. Jose Antunes, SVD

Question time:
Fr Domi: What message did Holy Father address to SVD on his visitation in Nemi?
Regional: The visitation in Nemi reminded himself of an important event many years ago, as a theologian attending the meeting to draft the document of Ad gentes, which was done under the leadership of SVD’s Fr superior general at that time. As a young theologian, Fr superior general at that time came to help to form the document. Moreover, he praised and thanked SVD for showing the spirit of internationality in its membership.
Fr. Stanis:  In the meeting of provincials/regionals in Dili, was there a relatorio about the mission in Indonesia and East Timor?
Fr. Regional: No special relatorio was made by provincials/regionals. Only fr Superior has the right to produce a relatorio. We still have the present relatorio which was published in 2002. Every confrere is encouraged to read it. That relatorio is a summary of report from the provincials/regionals.

Fr. Paul: what were the issues being discussed when the Indo-Leste Capitulars met the general treasurer?
Fr Regional: The  meeting was  made out of the chapter’s agenda. The aim of the meeting was to ask about the shortage of financial resources to the formation houses in Ledalero and the Novitiate in Kuwu-Flores-Manggarai. The response from general treasurer is: generalate does not have enough money to meet the financial shortage.
Fr Juje:  Is there any revision on the constitution and how are the zones progressing recently ?
Regional: No revision is made. It has been done in the previous general chapter. The progress made in each zone was presented earlier.
Fr Rikard:  Did the issues of primordialism and nationalism appear in the election of the superior general?
Regional: It seemed to be so. This is quite normal at the election of the superior general. The lobbying was moderately done.
Fr. John Suban: what was the impression of the capitulars about the present general chapter?
The general chapter this time is quite different from the previous ones. The process and the schedule were well organised. There was not much discussion on theology compared to that in previous general chapters. The discussion was focused on the action and planning. Moreover, all capitulars took part actively in each session. Among the reports, the least interesting one is the report by the commission of education and formation. Also, the general chapter at this time was unique in the way that we talked more about the practical realities. (Kasmir Nema, SVD)

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