Monday, January 21, 2013

QUASED PAROQUIA De Nossa Senhora Do Rosario Fatima Uatucarbau

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Church of Uatucarbau
QUASED PAROQUIA De Nossa Senhora Do Rosario Fatima Uatucarbau is a developing Parish in the Diocese of Baucau, Timor Loro Sae (East Timor). The Parish was established in October 2010 in the district of Uatucarbau, and it has been very much alive since then.

To date, the parish has 6,000 parishioners. Due to the wide and large area of the Parish, there are 9 (nine) outstations. The furthest outstation is four-hour driving distance from the parish centre which is located in Uatucarbau. The priests are ministering to the people at these outstations occassionally. The Sacraments of the Eucharist, Baptism, Marriages, as well as funerals are always in demand at one place or the other.

At the parish, there are two priests, namely Fr. Simon Sido, SVD (Parish Priest), and Fr. Kasmir Nema, SVD (Assistant Parish Priest). Fr. Simon has been stationed at the parish since January 2011, whereas I arrived in January 2012. Both of us are tirelessly ministering to the parishioners although the resources are meagre. (Kasmir Nema)
Parish Priest: Fr. Simon Sido, SVD
Assistant: Fr. Kasmir Nema, SVD

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