Sunday, May 31, 2015


Various pastoral activities will be held for celebrating forty years of SVD-SSpS' missionary presence in Timor Leste.
Between  8-11 May 2015, 30 members of SVD-SSpS made a live-in program in the parishes of Oesilo and Baocnana, Oekuse. This was the first time for such a live-in program to be held this year. The two designated parishes were duely chosen because they are located in Oekuse, the place where SVD-SSpS began their mission in Timor Leste. By visiting such a historical place and reimagining the mission of the SVD-SSpS pioneers in Oekuse, the live-in program helps us to reflect upon the history of SVD-SSpS in Timor Leste.

A range of activities from the four characteristic matras of SVD were held. Namely, a seminar about mission by the Mission Animation Commission, bible sharing activity by the Bible Commission, an ecology seminar by the JPIC Commission and a seminar by the Family Commission. The Communication Commission also produced and distributed pamphlets about the Mission of SVD in Timor Leste and in the world. 

The live-in participants from both SVD & SSpS were divided into the parish communities over the duration of three days.

The above mentioned activities were in turn held in each of the parish communities.
Other than having seminars and Bible sharing, the live-in program also brought medicines for those who are suffering from leprosy. Many of the people with leprosy in that area joyfully received the provided medicines without any charge. The medicines had been preordered by the commitee.
In August, there will be another live-in program which will take place in the parishes of Atabae and Balibo. (Fr. Kasmir Nema, SVD)

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