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Fr. John received Fr. Superior and Regioanl in Hera
1. Introduction
First of all, I would like to congratulate all of us, the children of St. Arnold Jansen, who celebrate the feast of St. Joseph Freinademetz, the first missionary and patron of the SVD Timor Leste Region. Along with this celebration, on this day we received twelve young people who entered the SVD's postulancy. This celebration also officially opens the celebration of SVD/SSpS' forty years of presence and mission in Timor Leste. We are going to celebrate this special moment over the whole year, starting today, January 29, 2015, until January 29, 2016 
Last year, when we celebrated the birth of the SVD congregation on September 8, Fr. regional and the committee in a circular letter wrote that, activities which were carried out during the celebration especially brought the young people together from different parishes and the places where the SVD-SSpS are present.  It was one of the anticipatory activities which build up to the celebration of SVD-SSpS' forty years of presence and Mission in Timor-Leste. Therefore, the initiative and the spirit of such a momentuous celebration have been started from that moment, being realised today, and will continue until January 29, 2016.

2. The purpose of celebrating 40 years of SVD-SSpS' presence and Mission in Timor Leste 
     a/    We thank the Triune God - the Holy Trinity - the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, who has blessed our founder St. Arnold Yansen, the first missionary St. Joseph Freinademetz, and our co-founders Blessed Maria Helena Stollenwerk and Blessed Maria Josepha, who have inspired and animated us, who have become a model for the missionary work of SVD-SSpS in Timor Leste for forty years and beyond.
      b/    We are grateful to honestly open ourselves to the past, through understanding the history and experience of the past, in the light of the 'Word of God' rooted in the culture of East Timor so that we are still standing strong today. The current period is full of challenges and different opportunities which invite us to look towards the future in ways that the presence and the actualization mission can be more effective and relevant in the context of a changing world, especially in East Timor.
       c/    We wish to spread and deepen the SVD-SSpS spirituality to and with other people, especially among those whom SVD-SSpS work with.
       d/    We wish to strengthen the unity and collegiality between SVD-SSpS and  all of the people in parishes as well as in other places where SVD-SSpS have their missionary presence.

3.  Action Plan
 a/ Action Plan ad Intra.
      = We collectively and individually will attend retreats / monthly recollections within each community and district of SVD-SSpS, and together with other people at certain times. The themes will be distributed monthly and the retreats will be related to the year of consecrated life proclaimed by Pope Francis (November 30, 2014 - February 2, 2016).
      = Other Ad intra activities will be implemented jointly with associated Commissions, for example: AJS Workshop, annual retreats, seminars / workshops intercultural.

 b/   Action Plan ad Extra.
= Some activities in the parishes will be carried out by the commissions during this year. The schedule of events will be distributed to the parishes and communities of SVD-SSpS.
        =  In relation to this celebration, the New Testament and bulletins related to the 40th anniversary of SVD-SSpS will be distributed as memories of the celebrations.
       =  There will be a dialogue called "Jovem Verbita ", to be conducted in August.
     =  The Commission will propose to the SVD-SSpS' Regionals and regional councils about the time and venue of the celebration of SVD-SSpS' forty years of Mission in Timor-Leste. The comission is suggesting two places: 1. the parish of Oecuse, the first community of the SVD-SSpS in East Timor; 2. the parish of Atabae, voted by the other parishes.

4.  Finance
Fr. John at Holy Land with Holy Global Tour
   The current finance for the celebration of forty years is nil. But as said by St. Arnold Janssen, the money is in the pocket of benefactors ... ..just wait when the activities are implemented ... ... the financial resource will come from the members of  SVD-SSpS, community contributions and generous volunteers. All will come hand in hand with the aim of promoting religious life and promoting the Mission of SVD-SSpS in parishes where SVD-SSpS have missionary presence. For example, by making catechesis, Bible sharing, family visits, Animation Mission, social services and film documentaries.
This is the general planning of the committee for the celebration of 40 years of SVD-SSpS' presence and mission in East Timor. Details of the commission structure and an action plan of the activities will published in the next commission meeting.
Finally, with the grace and help of the Merciful and Incarnate God, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, may we all stay healthy, body and soul, so that the we can wholly celebrate forty years of SVD-SSpS' presence and mission in East Timor. (Fr.Yohanes Suban Gapun, SVD)

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