Monday, June 22, 2015


On Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015, seventeen seminarians of Seminary St. Paul Ledalero were ordained to be deacons by Bishop Vincent Sensi Potokota, archbishop of Ende. The ordination ceremony was well attended by SVD conferers, SSpS sisters, family of the deacons and many people from around Ledalero.

In his homily, the bishop confirmed that the essential and fundamental duties of a deacon is to serve. Deacon, therefore, he stressed is an identity but also a responsibility in the task of serving in both ecclesiastical services as well as general public services.

Inspired by the gospel, Bishop Sensi asked the deacons to ‘Go and Serve’ (care for) of the patients who were lying on the road of life, to awaken their deacons' instincts servants. World's life today is filled with countless victims who are lying on the street, said Bishop Sensi.
Deacon Ule, in his speech representing the newly ordained deacons, said that they are ready to go and to serve God and all people as deacons, by promoting the spirit of service towards humanity.

From these seventeen deacons, four had their Pastoral Orientation Year (OTP) in Timor Leste namely, Deacons Joseph, Aloi, Mere and Yanto. In fact, one of the seventeen deacons comes from Timor Leste that is Deacon Ameu. (Kas)***


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